LEGO pays tribute to science with a free set

Need another excuse to buy more LEGO? So we have one for you: You’re doing it for science. Pay tribute to Galileo Galilei.

From November 1 to 13, while supplies last, you will receive a Galileo Galilei honorarium for purchases over €130 in the LEGO Online Store. Or as the Danes themselves call it: Lego Ideas 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei.

Lego Ideas 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei

Unlike most gifts from the brand, this set is designed by fans. A tribute to Galilei emerged as the winner of a so-called Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition last summer. Through the IDEAS programme, LEGO challenges fans to design their own science-inspired model.

That Galileo won is more than fitting: he was the best man astronomer, philosopher, physicist and mathematician. Our LinkedIn profile can’t compete with that.

IDEAS is a platform where fans can share their self-designed collections all year round. Among all bad things there are true gems. LEGO understands this too. That’s why the Danes regularly select the best designs, which are then released as a collection. Think of this beautiful grand piano, or this epic Viking city.

The chock is full of references to science

Homage to Galileo Galilei consists of 307 bricks, from which you can assemble a miniature version of his study. Includes a museum-worthy name plate. In addition to the Italian himself, you can also build some references to his scientific achievements.

Lego Ideas 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galileo (Photo: Justus Sostermans)

The best man brought the telescope to him Next levelHe drew a map of the moon and worked on the heliocentric theory. In other words, the theory that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun. For this reason, I also built a small telescope, a model of our solar system, a map of the Earth and other details in LEGO form. Not bad for a “free” group.

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Be careful, don’t miss it

You can register LEGO Ideas 40595 in honor of Galileo Galilei as of November 1 In the Lego storeBy spending 130 euros or more on other groups. The gift will then be automatically added to your order. Make sure you hit quickly, because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Every webstore says this, but in LEGO’s case, these types of add-ons regularly sell out within a few days. So it’s time to read on, what would you buy for €130? We have some tips ready for you here.

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