Start the “Vital in Brainport” project after funding the VWS

Health˜Holland is the top sector name for the life and health sciences New Approach Coordinator For health and care. The central task is that by 2040 the Dutch will live at least five years in good health and that social and economic health inequalities have been reduced by 30 per cent. The GROZ Initiative must support this ambition. GROZ is the opposite of CARE and stands for the shift from illness and care to health and behavior, with positive health as the dominant theme.

Regional coalitions

Since 2020, Health˜Holland 2020 has been working intensively with a number of regions to achieve tasks and calls these regions ‘GROZzerdammen’. Citizens, municipalities, health and social care institutions, knowledge and education institutions, health insurance companies, employers and entrepreneurs form a regional alliance within the GROZzerdam. This alliance must uphold the principles of GROZ. The higher sector supports GROZzerdam and VWS provides an available subsidy.

Health˜Holland has invited the district of Brainport to become a GROZzerdam on the basis of a successful neighborhood trial in the Achtse Barrier district of Eindhoven. Over the past eight years, citizens and local professionals from welfare, welfare, and regional organizations have worked together to create a vibrant neighborhood with healthier residents. This has been done through initiatives such as the Digital Neighborhood Arena, the (Digital) Vitality Marketplace, various activities for the elderly, the vulnerable and the youth and the impact measurement with the state of social business.

The origin of vitality in Braineport

The “Vitaal in Brainport” was created on the basis of experiments at the Achtse Checkpoint. The “Vital in Brainport” movement has official GROZzerdam status for six months and is now the first in the Netherlands to receive VWS funding to fulfill the above tasks. This, together with co-funding from the municipalities of Eindhoven and Son en Bruegel, is enough to start the ‘Vitaal in Brainport’.

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In the coming years, the Eindhoven counties of Tongelerry, Winsel Ost and the municipality of Son en Bruegel will be supported in translating best practices from the Achtse barrier into these areas, in partnership with citizens, local professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations. In addition to this bottom-up neighborhood approach, successful local initiatives are being introduced that match the movement across the region. In the first year these are:

  • Offer residents to work on their fitness in an innovative and attractive way.
  • A collection of hand-selected digital mental health modules on a regional platform.
  • A preventative home visit for seniors with the goal of matching their needs with a neighborhood-oriented offering, so they can stay healthy for longer.


lately smart life cooperativeGROZzerdam ‘Vitaal in Brainport’, GGD Brabant-Zuidoost and the Municipality of Eindhoven have taken the initiative to conclude an agreement for the Brainport region on a common vision, approach and agreements in relation to health promotion and prevention.

In the GROZzerdam “Vitaal in Brainport”, the four Initiators and their alliance will start a movement to fulfill the VWS missions. The coalition asked Coöperatie Slimmer Leven to take the role of movement coordinator.

“Slimmer Leven formulates a common agenda on behalf of its 65 members to accelerate and scale innovation in healthcare,” says Marcel de Bender, Director of Coöperatie Slimmer Leven. “Lifestyle and the living environment have a huge impact on people’s health. With GROZzerdam “Vital in Brainport” we can give it the attention it deserves.”

perpetual motion

Vital in Brainport aims to start a major and lasting movement for more vitality and health. A movement that will be joined by many residents and organizations. According to the initiators, this requires an appropriate regional infrastructure that supports this movement. In order to achieve this, institutions of knowledge, institutions of care and well-being and the business community give substance to the five building blocks on which GROZ focuses.

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Within this regional alliance, an organization is designated to be a leader for each of its building blocks.

  • WIJeindhoven, DOH, SGE, and GGzE to build ‘new ways of working together’.
  • Fontys Hogescholen Brick “Research and Learn from Experience”.
  • GGD “to monitor effects”.
  • RZCC ​​”To establish an appropriate ICT infrastructure and data”.
  • Eindhoven Municipality “to employ pilot funding with the right incentives”.

More initiatives Brainport region

There are more initiatives in the field of vitality, health and the Eindhoven region. Máxima MC and housing foundation Trudo confirmed their collaboration in July to make an innovative contribution to the vitality and health of the people of Brainport in Eindhoven. Under the covenant, they continue to explore the “Expeditie VitaalGezond” that started earlier. Part of the covenant is the implementation of pilots in two reference districts and the creation of an experience center in Strijp-S. The first projects will start in September.

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