Lift the ban on flights and boat travel from the United Kingdom | Currently

The foreign ministry announced, on Monday evening, that the ban on flights and boat trips from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands will end at 0.00 in the morning. The ministry stated that the British variant of the Coronavirus has already spread in the Netherlands to the point where the ban no longer has any added value.

Passengers traveling to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom must still be able to present a negative test result prior to departure. Upon arrival, it is necessary to go into quarantine for a period of ten days.

The flight ban was imposed on January 23 due to the worrisome British variant of the virus, which appears to be more contagious than the original variant of the virus. The flight ban was intended to prevent another spread of the British species in the Netherlands.

Travelers from South Africa and Central and South America are still banned from traveling due to virus variants found there. These travel restrictions will remain in effect until at least April 1, outgoing Minister Cora Van Neuenhuisen (Department of Infrastructure and Water) announced last week.

Although it is still prohibited to travel to the Netherlands from countries outside the European Union, there are exceptions for some people. This list of exceptions was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus case, but is now back in effect.

For example, business travelers, students, knowledgeable immigrants, professionals from the cultural and creative sector, and people with long-term relationships are allowed to travel to the Netherlands.

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