Peter Jackson reveals first shots in the series The Beatles: Get Back

This was announced nine months ago Peter Jackson, Known from Lord of the ringsTrilogy, for a documentary on the Beatles Works. The Beatles: Get Back consists of more than 56 hours of previously unseen footage from the 1969 Get Back sessions, which eventually resulted in the album “Let It Be” and the dramatic film of the same name.

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The movie was actually supposed to be showing in theaters this summer, but due to the coronavirus, the film was delayed by a year. Peter Jackson admires the fans’ patience and shows up early Christmas presenting five minutes of new photo from the sessions.

Different feeling

The 1970 movie “Let It Be”, made with the same images, focused more on problems within the group. So many fans were sad after seeing in the cinema how their idols quarreled with each other and how bad the weather was when making the Beatles album.

Peter Jackson in the studio edits The Beatles: Get Back. – Photo: Apple Corps, Disney

Paul McCartney himself said that after watching the original movie, he thought it was his whole fault that the band broke up and that they weren’t fun recording sessions. “But on my mind I always thought it wasn’t the case, but I needed to see the evidence,” Tell McCartney v. The Times. “There is a wonderful picture that Linda (McCartney) took, which is my favorite, of me and John while working on a song, and they’re both happy. These new photos feel the same happiness. The four of us are having fun.”

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The film, distributed by Disney, will be released in theaters in the US and UK on August 27, 2021. The iconic 42-minute “ Rooftop Concert, ” the Beatles’ last live performance, will be shown entirely in the documentary.

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Photo: Apple Corps, Disney

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