Lintse Videoclub Shows Homemade Church Reports (Lint)

Lintse Video Club Board of Directors. © Philip Spoilers


Six reports on Lint and its residents, that is what the Linzi Video Club promised to present next Saturday during the reporting day. In fact, he will soon start shooting two short films in the municipality.

Philip Spoilers

Lintse Videoclub was founded in 2007 by Freddy Belles and Jean de Voucht. “Until the early 2000s, the Lint municipality employed an employee who, in addition to his job, also filmed various events in our municipality. After it stopped, nothing else was recorded. Freddy and Jan began archiving and digitizing old videos in 2007. A few volunteers were added quickly and new videos were created. Two years later, we already ventured into a half-hour short film. “We had 750 spectators during three shows,” said Dirk Goossens of the board. , along with Gie Devlieghere and Mieke Jacobs.

critical positive

“Freddy is a professional who used to work at VRT. His tips and advice, along with our passion for video and movies, ensure that we are constantly improving. When we see a report on TV, we discuss it and we want to do it that way. During the internal presentations of our videos, we criticize, but In a positive way,” Dirk and Mieke point out.

The club currently has fourteen members. This number can certainly increase, especially young people are welcome. “During our early years we had a number of young people with us. They are no longer in our association because they all ended up being professional in the film and video sector. For example, someone working in London and someone else in Ketnet. During our reporting day they would be on screen to cast They testify about our process. Anyone who wants to do something with the film is welcome. Photography, script writing, voice recording, face painting… These are all discussed on a movie set and are therefore also essential with us. would like to do a brick movement is very welcome.”

Screenshot from a report on worshipers.

Screenshot from a report on worshipers. © RR

On Saturday, March 19, Lintse Videoclub will show six reports. “They are all related to Lint and Lintenaren. This guarantees a great participation. We find out, among other things, why Kontich train station is suddenly named Kontich-Lint and we delve deeper into why there are two small chapels next to each other. In addition, we also have media reports about 150 years of Lint, the green lung of our municipality, and we visit a former resident of the Lint Asylum Center who ended up doing well,” explains Dirk.

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short films

Later this month, the club will begin filming one of two short films. “Teamwork and the group’s experience working together on a movie together always make for great experiences. That’s what we do for it.”

Report day tickets can be purchased by sending an email to [email protected]. Tickets for an evening of over 2 hours cost €4.

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