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ItaliaAn uproar has erupted in Italy after a party on the shore of Lake Garda spiraled out of control. After invitations on TikTok, 2,000 young people, according to Italian media of North African descent, caused problems. Tourists were harassed and fights broke out. The riot police chased the young men on the train, but the teenage girls were molested there. Everyone is holding their breath as the calls for a new meeting roll over.

After calls on TikTok, on June 2, on the Italian national holiday, about 2,000 young people descended on Lake Garda, between Peschiera and Castelnuovo. There is a free stretch of beach, and it is easily accessible by public transport. The kids set up an unnamed “huge African rave” with trap music, a kind of grotesque hip-hop. The place where tourists usually bask in the sun has been renamed a beach party.

However, things soon got out of hand. Video images show young men standing on the roof of a car, tourists being harassed, and clashes erupting. A man who was allegedly stealing money from one of the other attendees was stabbed.

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Celebrity walking on the roof of a car. © Tik Tok


© Tik Tok

The authorities decided to intervene and sent riot police ashore. Then a riot broke out with party guys, who threw stones and bottles at the police. Revelers were forcibly pushed toward the station, where they could take the train home.

Teenage girls are assaulted

But things also went wrong on the train. Five to ten teenage girls had the misfortune of being on the same train as hundreds of young men were chased by the police. “They closed on us and began to touch us. We could not escape. Meanwhile, they shouted, ‘We don’t want any Italians here.’”

One of the victims told police, according to Sky TG24. The perpetrators were waving Moroccan flags. Therefore, racial hatred is considered an aggravating circumstance in the case of aggression. The study focuses on a group of about 30 young adults.

New party in Rimini

Meanwhile, in Italy they are holding their breath, because a new party is scheduled in the province of Rimini. “Peschiera was just the beginning, in Riccione we really go wild,” says a new appeal on TikTok, where the photo lit up with a Moroccan flag.

An invitation to a new meeting in Riccione (Rimini) accompanied by the Moroccan flag.

An invitation to a new meeting in Riccione (Rimini) accompanied by the Moroccan flag. © Tik Tok

Luciana Lamorgese, Italy’s interior minister, said in an interview this week that she is doing everything she can to ensure that what happened at Lake Garda does not happen again.


© Tik Tok


© Tik Tok


© Tik Tok

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