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At the beginning of this year we were surprised to announce the remake of Live A Live. JRPG 1994 game for Super Nintendo. A game that was only released in Japan at that time, but Live A Live didn’t become very popular there. However, English fan translation has managed to win a lot of hearts with us. As you play, you will soon discover why this is happening. Because Live A Live provides a very unique and special experience.

Don’t expect a typical JRPG in which you can get lost endlessly. Live A Live chooses separate bite-sized classes that usually finish within three hours. At the beginning of the game, you will get an overview of all the time periods in which you can dive. In what order you do this is entirely up to you. All adventures are separate from each other.

It excels in its diversity

Where Live A Live especially excels is diversity. You might think that one game goes through different time periods, but it isn’t. Each class has its own character, sets original accents and requires a different approach. For example, in prehistoric times, you have an extraordinary sense of smell to detect hidden enemies, in the near future you will get telepathic powers and in Japan your stealth skills stand out.

The mechanics, difficulty, and style choices go in all kinds of directions. The range of flavors you usually get in games is rarely as diverse as in Live A Live. This is a surprising menu where every dish is delicious, but some dishes deserve more than one star.

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In all this diversity, the beautiful 2D-HD style is the common thread that makes the entire game stunningly beautiful. We already know this style of games like Octopate Traveler or later triangle strategy, but this time the technical bar is set higher. You can only be excited about it.

So, Live A Live has received a deserved change, but the ambitious foundation laid at least 28 years ago is still very strong. I can’t imagine what mission it would have to be then to launch a game that’s still experimental even in 2022. I wish I was a fly on the wall.

live a western life

Also pay attention to the soundtrack composed by the then little-known Yoko Shimomura. Today we know her as the author Kingdom Hearts. In the main menu you will find a music box that gets updated with the latest songs after each completed chapter. I can only recommend listening to them again quietly.

A classic you don’t want to miss

Just like time jumps in the game, Live A Live itself effortlessly jumps 3 decades in time. I’ve never played anything similar and that makes it hard to explain what makes this game so special. Live A Live offers something for everyone and the seasons that may not suit you is still always fun and amazing. By the way, a demo is available to give an accurate taste of everything available in Live A Live in the store. Believe me, this is a classic you won’t want to miss.

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