Lobster presents a new corporate vision entitled “Reimagining Digitization”

The Hague, 10 March 2021 | Under the name “Digitalisation Reimagined”, Lobster Group, the standard software provider Lobster_data for data and system integration, Lobster_pro for digitization and operational process integration and Lobster_pim for seamless communication with the product, presents a new business vision with a focus on the future. Lobster’s new vision takes an innovative view of digital transformation, where data and processes are one unit and cannot be seen in isolation from one another.

“Only companies that focus on digitally transforming their core business will win. These are companies that are not waiting for technological innovation, but are taking action on their own and using their own digital capabilities,” says Dr. Martin Fisher, Managing Director of The Lobster Group.

Instead of opting for occasional in-house solutions or investing in non-core business processes, managers should engage the entire company in the digital transformation process. They must prioritize decisions that they can implement in a comprehensive, scalable, secure and resilient manner. Through innovative, proprietary software solutions, Lobster supports decision-makers, often without an IT background, in achieving digital transformation. Businesses that choose Lobster enjoy the benefits of digitalization by increasing customer satisfaction, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving responsiveness, and transparent information flows.
Competitive advantage through digital ecosystems

“What makes Lobster unique is that we support both data integration and digitization of processes. Companies still often treat processes and data as two separate things. From the new Lobster vision, we see processes and data as an inseparable entity. Our Lobster_pro and Lobster_data products are geared towards this purpose. Basse-Anne de Stege, regional director of the Benelux, says.
Without code: the digital transformation engine

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By combining data integration with a no-code approach, Lobster clearly demonstrates the power of solutions: configuration rather than programming. The pressure on developers disappears and decision makers can achieve their digitization goals while remaining true to the company’s strategy without compromising security. This is the primary goal. Doctor. Martin Fischer stresses that we should not view digital transformation as an IT department operational project. The whole company must be involved strategically in order to ensure viability in the future.

Bas aan de Stegge: “How our approach works in practice, we see, for example, with our client Decomecc from Belgium. In cooperation with the most important clients, they are starting to set up their interfaces with Lobster_data. They are now expanding this process using Lobster_pro as the supplier portal. For example, go Natural data integration to automate processes. “

More than lobsters
Lobster started offering easy-to-use solutions to complex challenges in 2002. About 180 people are developing integrative products from Lobster’s headquarters in Pöcking (Munich). More than 1,800 national and international companies from a variety of industries benefit from Lobster software products and the customer base continues to grow steadily.

Lobster offers three integration products: the standard Lobster_data software for data and systems integration, Lobster_pro for digitization and operational process integration and Lobster_pim for seamless product communication. Solutions are always up to date and equipped with the latest technology.

Lobster traditionally operates in its home markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands were also added through expansion. Lobster plans to offer services in Norway and Finland as well.

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