London agrees to ratify EU after UK trade agreement

London agrees to ratify EU after UK trade agreement

30 April

The UK government has agreed to extend the deadline for ratification of a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The European Commission has called for a “technical extension” until April 30, as more time is needed to finalize the preliminary trade agreement. The provisional agreement, which came into effect on January 1, expires on February 28.

A UK spokesman said: “It is disappointing that the EU has not completed its internal process within the agreed timeframe. London is now counting on such a situation by the end of April, a spokesman said.

Brussels wanted more time to translate the agreement into the 24 official EU languages. The European Parliament has not yet commented on the deal.

On December 24, Brussels and London reached an agreement on a new trade agreement. On the British side, the agreement came into force on January 1, with all necessary steps taken and pending a vote in the EU Parliament.

EU politicians have previously pointed out that for a proper estimate of contracts, nearly 1,300 pages of dense and highly technical agreement must be translated into their own language.

The Commission negotiated on behalf of the 27 member states.

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