London New Luxembourg: The Red Devils go with them …

A review of our newspaper reports that eleven Red Devils have set up a company in the United Kingdom in recent years. They did it to manage their image rights. Luxembourg has made its way to London.

Over the past two years Tendonkar, Tilemans and Badshuai have been following in the footsteps of Kondois, Vertonghen, Alderwild, de Bruyne, Lukaku, Pentagon, Origi and Harm: they are all directors of a limited company that manages their image rights. National coach Roberto Martinez also manages his media rights via an English Pivot.

Clubs pay a certain percentage of the salary to use the players’ image and name. It is never more than twenty percent, depending on the reputation and economic value of the player. In this way, income taxes can be reduced on the one hand. Instead of 45 percent income tax and 13.8 percent social security contributions, only 19 percent corporate tax is deducted from image rights and not social security. On the other hand, those rights may be through a limited. Should also be better managed and be able to separate responsibility from players’ personal assets.


The English route has been a much more interesting tax solution for many years than the Luxembourg route due to lower corporate taxes, which is likely to decrease further in the coming years. But all sorts of well-paid advisers for this have long driven many footballers to Luxembourg. It has now definitely come to an end: the new Luxembourg in London.

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