“King Charles Takes Prince Harry’s Last Home in England”

Britain’s King Charles has decided to restore Frogmore Cottage, the permanent residence of his son Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, back to the United Kingdom. The Daily Mail writes. Charles intends to gift the mansion to his younger brother, Prince Andrew.

jvhSource: Daily Mail

Days after Prince Harry’s controversial biography was published in January, the couple, who now live in the US, were reportedly ordered out of their home by Buckingham Palace. Charles wants Prince Andrew to replace Harry and Meghan. However, the king’s brother now resides in a larger one Royal LodgeAnd don’t want to move.

Harry and Meghan received Frogmore Cottage, a Windsor estate, as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth in 2018 from the home of Prince William and his wife Kate. It’s a five-bedroom mansion that was renovated at a cost of millions before the couple moved in. This was their last permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

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