TCL NXTWEAR S is an entertainment smart glasses

Smart glasses, which we see a lot at Mobile World Congress. Many manufacturers started it. Also TCL. Introduced NXTWEAR S. WHAT DOES THIS PRODUCT DO?


Already in Barcelona we have heard some news about TCL. The manufacturer has announced the new TCL 40 series, but there is more to report. Where the company previously presented us with the NXTWEAR S, we have now been able to test it at the Barcelona trade fair. The brand has also previously launched other glasses that increase the entertainment value.

NXTWEAR S connects you to your smartphone via a USB-C cable. Unlike the previous model, you can easily attach it to your glasses through the magnetic connection. It offers many advantages compared to virtual reality glasses. Where these glasses are usually quite large and somewhat bulky, the TCL NXTWEAR S is light and has a more “natural look”.


TCL offers higher resolution images with the glasses; 1080p Full HD. This should be similar to a 130-inch TV at a distance of four metres. With 360-degree videos, you can look around as much as you can, for example, using Google Cardboard or other virtual reality glasses. Plus, with 3D images, you see the images coming at you.


There are speakers on the glasses to enjoy the sound. There is a dial on the frame to adjust the volume. You can also connect the glasses to your favorite game console and start playing together. However, the glasses don’t work with every smartphone, according to inquiries into the platform. distinct; Doesn’t even work with TCL devices. USB-C port with DP (DisplayPort) required. Usually this only works for devices from the higher segment; TCL doesn’t have that.

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TCL announces that it will launch the TCL NXTWEAR S in several European countries, including Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom. You will pay 499 euros for the glasses. No visit to the Netherlands is planned at the moment. So you will have to drive a little bit for that.

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