Two heat recordings this week, but next week the snow …

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Ever heard of ‘April Fades’? Well, we have to deal with this next week. After having some exceptionally warm days this week, the weather forecast for next week is very different. The show has snow.

“On Monday, a rain zone moves across the country from northwest to southeast, causing snow or melting snow to fall on the Artennes.” Yes, you read that: snow. Put that sunscreen and those beach balls back on because the temperature is dropping. In other countries. Snow and hail are forecast across the United Kingdom early next week and are expected to make a similar noise to our northern neighbors.

Strange because the last few days seemed to be the beginning of spring. Two-day records were also broken. It has been March 30 and the hottest March 31 since measurements began. On Tuesday, 22.3 degrees Celsius was measured in yuk, and a day later they could read 23.9 degrees on the thermometer. “It’s very exceptional,” says weather forecaster Frank Debusser. “It simply came to our notice then. Expect a few centimeters of snow or melting snow in Belgium on Monday and Tuesday. But then only to high Belgium above 600 meters. In Flanders we do not see snow, but some grain hail. ”

Again with its own mind

This is the popular April debits. Or as Frank Debusser puts it most beautifully: “The April weather is doing what it wants. It is not without reason that they are known as meteorological terms, ”said Weather. “But next week’s snow is not really an exception. The warmest temperature of the last few days, on the other hand. We have not seen that pass in the table. So the difference would be nice. Temperatures of 6 to 7 degrees are expected on Monday. It’s a little colder than average, but it’s not strange to itself. It’s not cold. I have to go as far as the early 20th century to find the coldest temperature in early April, for example, it’s only 0.4 degrees on April 5, 1911. It was cold, but I understand it’s very cold compared to the last few days. ”

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Another proof that it has its own preference for it again. “It could be the woods in the spring,” Debusser says. “After that the temperature will rise slightly, but it’s not a big spring anyway. Next weekend we will be 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. We should not expect 20 degrees for the next ten days.”

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