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In the northern Japanese port city of Noshiro, a rocket engine exploded on Friday at a test center of the Japanese space agency JAXA. It is not yet clear what caused the explosion, it seems.


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Pictures taken by the Japanese Public Broadcasting Corporation show a large explosion, followed by flames and a large formation of smoke. It relates to the Epsilon-S launcher engine. The explosion occurred one minute after the start of the test. According to JAXA, there were no casualties.

The explosion is not the first disappointment for the space agency, which hopes to improve Japan’s competitive position in launching satellites with its rocket development. In 2013, JAXA launched its first Epsilon rocket, followed by successful launches of five more models. But last year, the Japanese agency was forced to order an Epsilon 6 missile to self-destruct after it went off course. As a result, the agency has postponed the Epsilon-S launch from 2023 to 2024.

In March, the launch of the newly developed H3 launcher also ended in self-destruction. The first launch of the Epsilon-S rocket is scheduled for next year.

Smoke rises after a rocket engine exploded during a test at Noshiro. © via Reuters

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