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HelloFresh will no longer use coconut products from Thailand in the future. That’s what the world’s largest supplier of meal boxes decides, after PETA’s new campaign. In it, an animal rights organization exposes horrific animal abuse in Thailand, where monkeys are forced to harvest coconuts in harsh living conditions.



Footage captured at various locations in Thailand shows chained monkeys climbing tall trees to harvest the heavy coconuts. “They are kidnapped or raised in captivity and spend their lives as coconut-picking machines,” reads one of the campaign’s undercover videos.

The organization accuses giants like HelloFresh of supporting this forced labor. Meal boxes include Thai coconut milk. HelloFresh initially denied the allegations of the campaign launched in November 2022. For example, the company had received “written guarantees” from its suppliers in Thailand that they were not involved in monkey labor.

PETA’s campaign shows the horrific conditions in which “monkey slaves” must live. © Beta

According to PETA, these warranties are worth nothing or nothing. Thai suppliers and even the government are said to be covering up the forced labor and still illegally using monkeys for their coconut crop. PETA claims its supporters sent nearly 100,000 emails to HelloFresh in the months following the campaign’s launch, trying to persuade the company to repent.

HelloFresh finally gives up. Going forward, the company will no longer be buying Thai coconut milk and will look for alternatives to supply by summer. HelloFresh reiterates that it “does not tolerate any form of animal cruelty in its supply chain.” According to HelloFresh Benelux, the coconut products that were supplied in our country before the campaign actually came from Sri Lanka, not Thailand.

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PETA's campaign against Thai forced labor of monkeys (Photo collage: HLN)
PETA’s campaign against Thai forced labor of monkeys (Photo collage: HLN) © HelloFresh / PETA

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