look. Hiker finds dead puppies in a container, and the culprit can be caught by DNA analysis outside

In the Spanish city of Valladolid, a woman made a nasty discovery in November while taking an evening walk in her neighborhood. In one of the containers, she found eight small puppies in a plastic bag, three of whom were already dead. The woman rushed to the vet along with the other animals, but all the help was of no use to them either. The Spanish police quickly began an investigation into the perpetrator, with success.


The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock maintains a database containing all information about animals registered from Spain. The researchers took DNA samples from the puppies and compared them with potential mothers in the database. So they got to the owner who left the dogs dead and were able to charge the man with animal abuse.

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A hiker finds dead puppies in a container, and the culprit can be caught through DNA analysis. © Enix

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