Drenthe chefs love to experiment; Health comes first

The ideal meal for Drenthe home cooks is a home-cooked meal. The majority rely mainly on their own creativity, preferring to cook on their own and experiment with ingredients. Taste and health come first. This is evidenced by research conducted by the herbal brand Euroma from Zwolle. A total of 1,200 Dutch people who are (partly) responsible for cooking in their homes were asked about their habits and preferences in the kitchen.

Drenthe home cooks are indispensable in the kitchen. Nearly nine out of ten Drenthe residents cook several times a week or every day. 58% put a home-cooked meal on the table every day), compared to 4% who prefer takeout/delivery at this frequency and 12% who prefer the convenience of takeout and dining out.

People in Drenthe like to be alone behind the tiles

More than half of those interviewed in Drenthe prefer to work alone behind the tiles. A large number of participants (38 percent) rated their cooking skills as better than those of their partner or housemate. When asked about the source of inspiration, more than half of them indicated that they mainly relied on their own creativity. Research shows that the same number of people like to experiment with ingredients. Taste and health come first.

The people of Drenthe want healthy meals

Taste and health are the most important ingredients for Dutch home cooks. 80% of Drenthe respondents also consider it important to prepare a healthy meal, and 42% of Drenthe residents try to use alternative seasonings to reduce the salt content. Meanwhile, 75% say taste is essential, and more than 40% say salty flavors actually improve a dish.

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A Dutch kitchen cupboard contains an average of fifteen spice jars. In 70 percent of Drenthe cases, these herbs are used once or more per week. Although more than half of the survey respondents in Drenthe prefer salty flavors in the dish, health plays an important role for the home cook in Drenthe. More than 60% indicate that they would like to try new products to reduce their dependence on salt. Joyce Nijenstein, Director of Euroma: “The Dutch home chef experiments with his healthy creations, new ingredients and products, but he pays special attention to health.”

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