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An Air Canada Boeing 777 was struck by a massive lightning strike on Sunday shortly after takeoff from Vancouver, Canada. There were about 400 passengers on board at the time, and it was on its way to Heathrow Airport in London. It's Ethan West, a plane spotter and pilot-in-training, who captured the amazing photos.


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The impact did not disrupt the continuation of the flight. Although such an effect looks terrifying from the ground, the passengers themselves almost certainly did not feel anything. Modern aircraft are manufactured using a carbon composite which, combined with a thin layer of copper, is able to conduct electricity around the aircraft. According to the National Weather Service, every plane is struck by lightning once or twice a year. After arriving in London, the Boeing 777 was inspected to ensure that there was no damage, but it was found that it was still in excellent condition.

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Lightning strikes an entire Boeing 777 plane © TikTok

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