“Sleep by keeping your eyes open”

Sleeping by consciously keeping your eyes open and thinking: “I'm not sleeping” seems to work. On social media, people are encouraging others with sleep problems to try it. As crazy as this tactic sounds, it's clearly backed by science.

Not everyone can close their eyes and dream quickly. On the contrary, many people have serious sleep problems. This doctor previously gave his tips for falling asleep faster.

The professor explains the paradoxical intent of science

The contradictory intention is now also being discussed on TikTok. He is encouraged to “not sleep” in order to finally dream. This line of thinking is clearly supported by science.

says Colin Espy, MD, professor of sleep medicine BBC Science Focus This theory and treatment has been used for years. This approach also works for all types of phobias and fears. How does this work? One deliberately takes the opposite attitude toward the desired outcome. “The idea before bed is that you should try to stay awake when you are ready to go to bed or when you start to feel sleepy.”

Keep your eyes open and awake?

Because if we try our best, we simply won't be able to sleep. “Basically you can't sleep; You can just fall asleep. “We're giving up staying awake instead of activating sleep,” Espy said.

The professor lists a step-by-step plan if you want to apply this technique.

1. Go to bed when you feel sleepy (not before)

2. There are no complicated evening rituals

“Just go to bed, turn off the light and lie down,” Espy says.

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3. Instead of closing your eyes, keep them open

“Get into this position with your eyes open and then think: 'I'm not sleeping, I'm not sleeping.'” The professor continues: “Then encourage yourself with a few more sentences such as: ‘I will stay awake a little longer’ or ‘I will keep my eyes open for another ten seconds.’ Every time you feel your eyes closing, you say ‘no.’” According to him, it becomes difficult to Increasingly, keep your eyes open. Do you feel sleep coming? Then stop fighting it and surrender to it.

4. Don't take it too literally

It's not a competition or a challenge where you have to torture yourself and do everything you can to keep yourself awake. “The idea is to let sleep do its work.”

5. Don't give up too quickly

You can't change your sleep habits overnight. According to Espey, you should use this tactic multiple times.

Let sleep do its work

But the professor also stresses that if you have been suffering from poor sleep for a long time, it may also be a good idea to seek help. “Paradoxical intention can be helpful because it reminds us that the solution is not tricks and pills and potions. It is sleep itself. The solution is to get your sleep into a good pattern and let it do its work,” the professor said.

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