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Emmanuel Macron (44) is officially sworn in for his second term as President of France today. In the second round of the French presidential election, about two weeks ago, he defeated his right-wing rival Marine Le Pen, although the support he received from voters was far less than five years.

The party is over now. Shortly after 11 am, the president of the French Constitutional Court, former minister Laurent Fabius, read out the official election results at the Elysee. After that, Macron signed the inauguration, which is the official swearing-in ceremony of the President of the Republic.

President Emmanuel Macron. © RV

At 12 noon, Macron is still watching the troops in the gardens of the Elysee Palace, where a cannon is fired and the orchestra of the Republican Guard plays the national anthem.


Macron this week changed the name of his party from “La République en marche” to “Renaissance”, to appeal to a broader group of society. After the results of the two rounds of elections were announced, protests broke out in several French cities. The demonstrators felt that it was necessary to choose between two evils.

Assembly President Richard Ferrand and Brigitte Macron.

Assembly President Richard Ferrand and Brigitte Macron. © Reuters

It will be followed by the parliamentary elections next June, when Ennahda forms a single list with the centrist party, the Democratic Movement, and the new party, Horizons. The move appears to be in response to the announcement by the left and green parties to jointly participate in the parliamentary elections and form a bloc against Macron.

On Monday, Macron will make his first state visit as a re-elected head of state. He travels to Germany for talks with Chancellor Olaf Schultz on defense and energy policy.

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