MAFS’ Monique lost nearly 30 kilos: ‘Have a healthy body again’

In a message on Instagram, Monique answers the questions of her followers. Some are concerned about the reality star’s health as she has lost a lot of weight. “Well, it’s like that…” Monique begins her message. Last year November 2021 I was in the so-called low point in my life. after my mavs– Adventure in 2021 I was so sad and fed up [ik] Especially myself on the way. Both physically and mentally. And then I realized that only I could do something about it myself! “

Monique also talks about her struggle with her weight throughout her life and trying different diets to lose weight. Often with success, but not something she can afford in the long run.

After making a very difficult choice, I became eligible to undergo gastric bypass surgery at the beginning of this year based on a medical indication. In my case, a process that extends life. I had to think about it very carefully, because such an operation is really nothing, but in the end I took the step.

The operation was scheduled for February. Believe me: this is definitely not the easiest way as many think. I have not yet arrived, but the result may be there: -27 kilograms.

Monique is happy that she has lost kilograms, but above all she is grateful that her body is healthy again. “Every day I feel and feel grateful that I have been given a new life and I enjoy it so much!”

Morris, a friend of Monique’s, was a recent guest on the RTL Boulevard Reality Podcast. Morris participated last season mavs He talks about it with expert Evelyn Stallart. Listen to the RTL Boulevard Reality Podcast on spotifyAnd the Apple Music or google podcast.

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