Major breakthrough for Morocco-UK submarine cable project

April 3, 2023 – 6:00 PM – Economy


The British government has finally made the submarine cable project between Morocco and the United Kingdom central to its new energy strategy.

British company Xlinks, which is responsible for building the submarine cable between Morocco and the United Kingdom, says the British government has published a policy document called “Powering Up Britain: Energy Security Plan”. The viability and desirability of the project, to see how it can contribute to the country’s energy security. The note also describes how Britain needs to secure its energy supply through multiple sources and relationships with strong and reliable partners and allies such as Morocco.

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“The UK’s energy security is vital to the country, but there is an urgent need to stick to the government’s target of fully decarbonising the electricity system by 2035 and avoid short-term thinking,” said Simon Morrish, chief executive of Xlinks.

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The 3800 km long submarine cable project will connect Morocco and the United Kingdom and will cost a total of $21.9 billion. Xlinks will build a 10.5 GW power plant (7 GW solar, 3.5 GW wind) in Morocco, which could supply the UK with 8% of its electricity needs.

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