Make your iPhone smarter with these AI apps

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is hot and can’t be ignored anymore. That’s why in this week’s iPhone Tips we show you how to use AI for a purpose.

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Make your iPhone smarter with these AI apps

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can type texts and create graphics in an instant. With the apps that we show in these iPhone tips, it is also very easy. We’ll help you on your way right away!

1. ChatGPT

If you’ve heard a bit about AI, it’s probably ChatGPT. This is currently the best known AI service. You may have already tried it on the ChatGPT website, but now you can install ChatGPT as an app on your iPhone.

If you search for “ChatGPT” in the App Store, a huge list of apps will come up with names like “ChatGPT Dutch”, “Open Chat AI” and “ChatGPT Open AI”. We recommend you to download only the official app. You can find it below:

If you have no experience with AI yet, just try ChatGPT from these iPhone tips. You can ask the ChatGPT bot anything and the answer will sometimes surprise you.

2. Bing

Bing is Microsoft’s smart bot that you can also install as an app on your iPhone. Basically it is ChatGPT integrated with a search engine. This means that Bing not only derives its answer from the database used by ChatGPT, but also searches the Internet for additional information. Bing also adds references, so you can always know where to get information from.

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You can also point out how creative Bing’s answer is. Like business and realistic, or casual and humorous, for example. After answering, you will immediately see several questions with which you can continue the conversation. This way you can easily get the information that was missing in the initial answer.

Bing: Chat with AI and GPT-4

Microsoft Corporation

3. Draw things

The last of these AI tips for the iPhone is the Draw Things app. With it, you can create almost any image in just a few minutes. The app is free and works completely offline on your iPhone so that your privacy is guaranteed.

The app must be downloaded over 1900MB for the first use to function properly. So this is something to take into consideration. And if you want more additional options, there are more to download.

Describe in the app what you want to see and an image will be generated. This process takes a few minutes. In addition, the Dutch language is not supported at this time.

Draw Things: The Generation of Artificial Intelligence

Leo Leo

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