The United Kingdom and the Netherlands are investigating cooperation in the purchase of a new type of naval vessel news item

News Item | 6/30/2023 | 4:45 p.m

In the coming year, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will explore the possibility of purchasing new naval vessels. Minister Kajsa Ollongren and her British counterpart James Cartledge signed the statement today. Both countries intend to replace many ships with the new type over the next decade.

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For the Netherlands, this is about one ship class, which requires amphibious transport ships and 4 patrol ships. The new ships should be operational by 2035.

This means amphibious transport ships Zr.Ms. Johann de Wit and Zr.Ms. Rotterdam disappears from inventory. At that point they will last more than 30 years and their lifespan will be at the end. Additionally, the Ministry of Defense wants to eventually replace His Majesty’s ships Holland, Friesland, Zeeland and Groningen.

Threats and developments

The transition to amphibious ships is intended to adapt to new threats and developments. This applies to both the Netherlands and the UK.

The United Kingdom/Netherlands Amphibious Force would certainly benefit from any cooperation. The amphibious force was formed over 50 years by the British and Dutch navies. Both the Ministers today assured that this collaboration will continue in the coming years.

Cartlidge and Ollongren signed both declarations aboard the British amphibious transport ship HMS Albion. This is due to the sea days in the port of Den Helder.

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