Marek Elsenga: Six kilograms lighter with one simple swipe

Every month she gives Marek a glimpse into her busy life through the column. This time: all her bedroom secrets – though they aren’t “secrets” anymore. The radio coordinator explains in the piece that the first thing she does when she wakes is to look at herself in the mirror. And according to her, this is not exactly a “gift that awaits”, as she prefers to sleep in a comfortable slip. “There are nights when I sleep in a thong, but they’re rare: Why torture yourself for another eight hours if you don’t have to?” The presenter said.

The “slip sleep,” as Mickey calls it, isn’t exactly the sexy kind. I have a lot of things, but my favorite is the indeterminate pink and red and the color. I don’t rule out having had it since college, “she reveals.

Let’s get back to that mirror: Whether she likes it or not, Mariki looks at her naked body every morning, with the sexless ‘lubberslip’. Since she can use a better start to her day, she recently started doing one specific action every morning to start her day with more confidence: the “glide method.”

Mariki explains in the magazine how it works: “ The first thing I do when I hit my mirror at dawn is to pull the sides of my sleeping pad hard. Although a piece of fabric is hidden in the buttock stitching in the back (uncomfortable), something cool also happens to the front. There your legs visually become 15 cm longer. Trust me, you can get out of bed six kilograms lighter with one simple swipe.

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Of course these underwear are removed afterward, but the feeling of a minute is priceless according to the DJ’s music. “On weekends, I allow myself to walk around for longer and stand on legs like stilts to make coffee for my friend.”

Marek just doesn’t describe & C, Can also be seen every Thursday evening on RTL I can see your voice. Although she laughs there, too, the radio operator always works on not picking out the pseudo-crows.

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