Protasevic’s parents are calling for international pressure to get their son released: “I beg you, help me release my son” | abroad

“As Roman’s mother, I want to address you. I want you to hear my cry for help so you understand how difficult it is for us at the moment and how we are facing this absurd situation,” emotional Natalia Protasevi said at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland.

“I want you to convey our question to everyone in the world: from the heads of government of European countries to the American leaders. I beg you, help me release my son.”

Dmitry, the journalist’s father, described his son as a hero. “He strove all his life for the truth and spread it among the people. It is also for this reason that Lukashenko committed this despicable act.”

Natalia and Dmitry Potasievich at the press conference. © Agence France-Presse

The G7 foreign ministers again condemned the arrest of the dissident journalist on Thursday. In a statement, they demanded the immediate release of Protasevic and his girlfriend. The ministers spoke of a serious violation of civil aviation rules and a serious attack on freedom of the press.

Protasevi and his girlfriend were arrested on Sunday after a Ryanair plane en route to Vilnius, Lithuania, had to make a stopover in Minsk, Belarus.

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