Marjolyn Moise – Department of Clinical and Health Experimental Psychology

Marjolyn Moise studied Dutch language and linguistics at the University of Groningen. During her undergraduate studies, she spent five months as a research intern at the University of Sydney, where she discovered her interest in science. This interest was nurtured further during the research-oriented Masters Language and Perception At the University of Groningen, where she obtained the diploma with distinction in 2019. During this master’s degree, Marjolin specialized in research in the development of non-stereotypical language and dyslexia. She wrote her dissertation on the relationship between early speech production skills and later literacy outcomes, in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University, where she spent six months learning more about grouping NeuroimagingData of young children while they sleep and analyze this data.

Marjolin is currently working on a PhD project in Clinical Psychology at Ghent University. Her particular interest lies in the noticeable linguistic difference in autism: Why do some children develop relatively sound language skills, while others’ language development is severely disrupted? Through a combination of behavioral data and neuroimaging (such as DTI and (f) MRI) she hopes to learn more about this topic and thus help children with language problems on the autism spectrum.

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