Martin Berthesen: “Competition is just a click away”

1. I have worked with Google for 16 years. What’s so nice about that?

“I worked at Dixons in the UK and my boss told me I was crazy when I moved to Google. Such a young online company could never become anything, he and many others with him thought. We had just celebrated 25 years of Google and 20 years of Creating Google in the Netherlands I’ve witnessed much of this journey firsthand, as 98.8 percent of all Googlers started at the company after me.

“I was already working with Google as a client at Dixons, an electronics store chain, and I saw that digital access was going to become massive, just like the Internet. After some time had passed, I no longer wanted to arrange Internet access for one company, but for hundreds or thousands of companies. possible at Google. It was an honor to be able to think about technology in meeting rooms. And now we have once again reached a point where there will be a tremendous acceleration artificial intelligence (Amnesty International).’

2. I have worked in the UK for a very long time. How did you end up there?


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