Mass Effect and Dragon Age will not be shown on EA Play

Bioware has announced that there are no plans to show its games at EA Play this month. So we will not get any new information or images about Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4.

Share Bioware news via Twitter While they say they are working hard on the games and that fans should be patient for more information.

“We’re working hard on the upcoming dragonage and masseffect games, and we have some fun stuff for SWTOR coming out this year,” Bioware wrote. “While we won’t be showing anything during EA Play Live, we’d like to invite you to our SWTOR live stream at 12 PM PT today for more information!”

In addition to announcing that neither Mass Effect nor Dragon Age will be shown this month, EA has announced that there will be four events this month that are part of EA Play Live, ahead of the big show that will take place on July 22.

The panels are publishing “The Future of First-Person Shooters”, “EA <3s Independent Studios" and "Madden NFL 22 FULL ACCESS: Scouting and more EA SPORTS! These games include many EA games including Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Lost in Random, and more.

The new Mass Effect was officially revealed at Game Awards 2020, and while this was just a short teaser, fans got a brief glimpse into the game’s future and saw Asari.

The Game Awards also saw more Dragon Age 4 gameplay, marking the return of characters like Solas and adventure on a large scale.

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