Mate Book X Pro’s battery life is its charger

Huawei has another perfect quality PC out, the matebook x pro 2020. Its freshness is all within. The Chinese organization has fitted its champ with the most recent low-voltage Core processors from Intel and overhauled the Nvidia illustrations, and that is it. All the other things have fundamentally remained something similar, so how about we take a profound jump and see what makes the new Mate Book X Pro, in reality, unique and what doesn’t. Is it worth the high asking cost? We should discover. 

The Mate Book X Pro presents another colorway and changes the internals with two processor choices, both of the Intel tenth-era Core assortments. These are combined with 16GB of RAM, 512GB or 1TB of PCIe NVMe stockpiling, and an Nvidia GeForce MX250 committed GPU. The battery is 56Wh, and the screen is similar to the great 3000×2000 3:2 IPS board from previously, with 100% sRGB inclusion and 450 units of splendour. 

The Core i5 model, with 512GB of capacity, is evaluated at €1,599, while the Core i7 adaptation with 1TB of capacity goes for €1,899. The remainder of the specs are indistinguishable among them, and our audit unit is the last mentioned. 

Battery life

The most fantastic thing about the Mate Book X Pro’s battery life is its charger. No, truly. It’s a limited-time offer issue, with no two separate links streaming into an unattractive block. In such a manner, it resembles a telephone charger and is about double the size of your standard telephone power block. And afterward, it charges the PC through USB-C, no exclusive franticness here. It’s a 65W unit, and it will readily top-up your cell phone also. Its diminutive size and weight make the Mate Book X Pro more convenient than it would’ve been with one of those gigantic force blocks different makers are utilizing because the total weight (and volume involved) goes down when you’re going with its force connector. 

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Presently, perseverance from the 56Wh battery was outstanding, and you can, without much of a stretch, get past a typical day of office work on this gadget. Since each individual’s particular use case is unique, it’s difficult to put a careful number on it. Indeed, it’s not as hard as it would be pointless. Eight hours of Internet perusing and office work are effectively reachable, and that is the standard we’re holding this PC up to, on account of its planned objective crowd. Charging times are pretty speedy as well, so in general, battery life shouldn’t be an issue at all except if you’re constantly gaming – however, for what reason would you do that on a GeForce MX 250? 

The fan seldom comes on at all during humble assignments; however, you will begin to hear it off chance that you push the PC harder. Fortunately, it’s one of the most non-irritating fans to hear, it’s not amazingly boisterous, and its murmur won’t eradicate your eardrums. It’s not quite in any way, shape, or forms, yet is one of the tamer ones out there, not as much in tumult but rather in its perceptible reach.


It’s continually reviving to see a PC with zero bloatware preinstalled, and the Mate Book X Pro 2020 is one of these unique gadgets. It accompanies one application package, and that is Huawei’s PC Manager. However, we wouldn’t venture to such an extreme as to call this bloat ware. It handles driver refreshes (and does as such well indeed) inside an exceptionally simple-to-utilize interface. It likewise is the thing that you use to combine your viable Huawei cell phone to utilize the Huawei Share administration. This works through the NFC sticker marked Huawei Share, and you can put your Huawei or Honor handset onto it to start an association. 

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You can match up your messages, information and even accept approaches to your PC while your telephone is associated along these lines, and we track down that all exceptionally helpful. If you have a non-Huawei or Honor Android cell phone, you can utilize Microsoft’s similarly acceptable Your Phone answer for accomplishing comparative objectives. PC Manager likewise examines equipment issues for you and recommends fixes – which are essentially about introducing those driver refreshes we referenced. 

Other than this, you get Windows 10 Home “as Microsoft expected,” with no additional cruft, no extra promotions, none of that. It’s a superior programming experience for an exceptional PC, as it ought to be.

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