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One question that leaves the viewer with nothing to do with human evolution: “Where the hell is Hanksville?” Schilling wears a T-shirt with this text on it when he visits a quarry in South Africa. “Yes, the director wasn’t happy with that,” he says over the phone, “I was never really interested in what I was wearing.” It turns out he found the shirt in Hanksville itself, a gas station and supply point in the middle of nowhere in Utah where it’s so dark at night that it’s the perfect spot for the observatory that Schilling once visited. .

With your nose up

It may be insidious, but it is this indirect choice of clothing that is a feature of the lack of luster that makes Schilling’s show so interesting. No pre-cooked questions in perfect English, just genuine interest in the guests. Enjoy the caves where the Berger team searches for traces of our deep past. And then you can be almost on top of it when a special substance is extracted from the ground. Not a bony sliver or sliver, but a large portion of a beautifully intact human skull.

So refreshing that Lee Berger can’t say anything about what and when the skull is in the episode. Is history being written here under the eyes of the camera, has a new human species been discovered? “That’s of course the million-dollar question, we’d also like to lift a corner of the veil ourselves,” editor-in-chief Stefan Wittekamp said when asked. However, at the time this guide was prepared, Berger was still silent. Understandably, he wants of course to publish his discovery in a famous scientific journal, and they don’t publish it unless they have the scoop.

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