Veteran British soldier on his way to Kabul airport with 200 shelter animals stopped by the Taliban | Abroad

Farthing served in Afghanistan during the international military mission and after his service, he opened an animal shelter in the country. British Defense Secretary Farthing promised a place at Kabul airport on Wednesday for a self-financed evacuation flight.

Farthing reported on Twitter that he, his team and his animals were trapped near the airport. He claims he was promised safe passage and asks the Taliban to let him pass. He has promised to return to Afghanistan but now says he wants to get everyone out of the country safely first.

The veteran was able to fund a flight through a crowdfunding campaign to transport his employees and their families, as well as animals, from Afghanistan. Farthing has been criticized for appearing more as a place for animals than the many desperate people currently trying to escape the Taliban regime.

The British Ministry of Defense later said that if Farthing and his team were able to reach the airport, a place would be arranged for his flight. The veteran offered to carry the animals in the hold so the evacuees could board the 250-seat plane. Farthing was also allowed to fly with his personnel in an RAF plane, but then his animals could not come.

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