Meet in Roosendaal’s greenhouse


ROZENDAAL – At week 42, population health has become central in Rheden and Rozendaal. During this week activities were organized in different places. This is also the case at Serre van Rozendaal on the morning of Wednesday 20 October.

The theme of ‘meeting each other’ is central to Serre van Rozendaal, and they will receive Mayor Ester Weststeijn and a number of other speakers that morning. They will talk about their first contact with the conservatory and its importance in their lives.

De Serre van Rozendaal is ready for you every Wednesday with a cup of coffee and a good conversation. The speakers for October 20th are guests who have been coming in for a while and ensure that you will appreciate this morning meeting. De Serre van Rozendaal hopes the speakers will inspire you and that you will join them often in the future.

The morning starts at 10 AM and lasts until 12:30 PM. If you have transportation problems, you can contact Ms. Rigtje Roelofs-Zandstra. She can be reached at 0263648554 and she will be happy to take you home.

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