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“In order to protect myself, I haven’t used social media for a long time,” said the Duchess of Sussex from her Santa Barbara home. With accounts called the Sussex Royal, which was dissolved after returning to the British royal family, Megan In their own words, little to do. “Years ago, I had a personal account that I closed down and then we had an account from the institute and our UK office. We weren’t behind ourselves – this was a whole team.”

Although the Duchess can now Tweet herself and post pictures on Instagram again, she doesn’t want to. “I’ve made a personal decision not to have an account, so I have no idea what’s going on and this helps me in a number of ways.”


Megan sees many flaws in social media. “I’m very concerned about people obsessed with it. It’s a big part of our daily life that feels like an addiction. There are some other things that you can call the person who is using it a” user. “

Also Harry He was critical of social media in the past. For example, the prince wrote an opinion piece last summer calling on companies to take a closer look at their use. Harry wrote that he had seen a lot of splits on the platforms and was concerned about fake news.

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