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columnDepression, anxiety and eating disorders. Many in our country suffer from so-called mental health problems. Problems that are often invisible from the outside, but often have a huge impact on someone’s life from the inside.

And what is not visible from the outside regularly also causes little understanding. Not everyone knows how to deal with people with mental health issues or they don’t accept the problem at all.

It is certain that the problem of mental health is increasing among the youth/young people. Just last week, the GGD and RIVM reported that more than half of young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have psychological problems. And so report after report fell on my desk: Almost half of young people feel lonely, and 47 percent suffer from stress. Something is really going on in this country!

The Secretary of State wants to start a public debate about the huge number of young people with mental health problems. “A lot of kids are hearing now: something is wrong.” So this is a big problem among young adults, but mental health issues are often high on the list in other age groups as well.

Personal story

Today in our Z section you can read the personal story of reporter Tim van Boxtel (30 years old), who has been suffering from recurring anxiety for years and therefore takes antidepressants, among other things. And it is not the only one, as tens of thousands of Dutch people use it structurally. Tim actually wants to get rid of it because of all the negative stories about its use. But can he do without it? Doesn’t he back down?

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Personal story of a colleague who was “very deep” and outspoken about his problems and his “struggle” with antidepressant use and withdrawal. Especially worth reading and especially important to say. Also – says Tim – “to bring more attention to mental health”. And this concern is fully justified for a serious problem affecting many in our society.

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