National Exercise Week: “Exercise is good, more exercise is better”

It is important for all of us: move. But the older we get, the more I sit quietly and this is not good for our physical and mental health. To get seniors moving, the National Trust for Aging is running National Exercise Week May 8-12, 2023. To combat loneliness in addition to movement, this year’s theme is: Going for a Movement Visit. Explain how that works.

We move quite a bit

As mentioned, exercise is good. Not just for the body, but for the mind as well. However, not even half of people over the age of 65 meet the Council of Health’s exercise guidelines. This guideline states that adults and seniors should do moderate to intense exercise at least 2.5 hours per week, and should do muscle and bone strengthening exercises twice per week. Balance exercises for the elderly are also added. We are not even close to this. In 2022, just under 38 percent will get this much exercise. In addition to lack of exercise, there is another problem for those over 65. Not only do we sit idly by, we are also socially silent. In our country, 1.6 million elderly people feel lonely. 650,000 seniors have social contact only once a week.

National Movement Week: Go on a visit to the movement

It organizes to move the elderly, literally and figuratively National Fund for the Aged For the second time the National Seniors Exercise Week. This week, they combine the two themes of movement and combating loneliness by inviting senior citizens to go on a movement visit. The Fund invites all parts of the Netherlands to go on an exercise visit to an elderly person. Go for a walk together, do some shopping, or just move in anyway. This week Olga Commandeur also supports the call: “Get off the couch and go on a” touching visit “!”

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Record musical chairs with Olga Commander

Although Olga Commander said goodbye to the program on April 25th The Netherlands is on the moveSitting still is not an option for her. She loves to participate in Workout Week. On May 8, Olga is hoping to set a record with a 350 Over-65. It’s about recording musical chairs. The dance will take place on the grounds of the USV Hercules in Utrecht. And to get the elderly moving during National Exercise Week, there’s Olga exercise videos Listed and there on the site advice To move while visiting the movement.

(Source: National Trust on Aging; Photo: Shutterstock)

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