Samsung will not close apps unintentionally in One UI 6.0

Samsung will release One UI 6.0 later this year, and this software update contains an important change: simply closing apps will be a thing of the past. The South Korean company is taking this step at Google’s request.

Read on after the announcement.

Soon Samsung won’t just close apps

If you have a Samsung or Xiaomi smartphone, for example, you’ve probably noticed: apps you haven’t used in a while are mercilessly closed. Manufacturers do this because they also consume some power in the background. By “killing” applications, the battery should last longer.

This probably isn’t a problem for most people. It can lead to unexpected behavior and the loss of any data entered. This is why Google wants to draw a line with Android 14, the latest version of the operating system. The search giant prefers that background processes work the same way on all Android phones.

Samsung has already promised to cooperate, so it won’t inadvertently close apps in the future. This change has been introduced in One UI 6.0. This is the latest software shell from the manufacturer. It is based on Android 14 and will be released later this year.

Only apps optimized for the latest Android version will stick to this behavior. It remains to be seen if other manufacturers follow Samsung’s lead.

At the moment, One UI 5.1 is the latest version

For now, Samsung is still working on porting its latest smartphones to One UI 5.1. This is the standard software on Galaxy S23 devices. It introduces some new photography tricks and a new weather tool that warns you when a storm is approaching. There are also improvements to DeX, Samsung’s desktop environment, and Notes.

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This migration appears to be almost complete. At the end of April, the Galaxy A51 received an update to One UI 5.1.

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