The fifth and final season of Stranger Things has been delayed

Netflix series Weird things It can best be described as a global phenomenon. It’s the kind of series that almost everyone has watched, so the hype for the new season is huge every single time. So we have bad news. The fifth and final season of the hit series has been delayed. The Duffer Brothers (the makers) announced this via Twitter.

For example, redundancies happen, because the fourth season of the series was also significantly delayed at that time. This, of course, also had to do with the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, it was worth the wait, because Season 4 was “the best season” since the kids were introduced in “The Upside Down.” But why is the series delayed again now?

Hollywood strike

The delay has to do with all things Hollywood. More than 20,000 writers have taken part in the strike since 2 May. The Writers’ Union, the WGA, officially declared a strike after failing to reach an agreement with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance.

Then why did he stop? Well, the bright minds writing your favorite movies and series are worried about the rise of artificial intelligence and the poor working conditions plaguing Hollywood studios. They demand more salary for their earnings.

Therefore, this work has serious consequences for well-known Hollywood productions. Thus, big movie and series titles are being delayed and/or at risk of being cancelled. In fact, one of the biggest chains of the last ten years is now in trouble.

Season 5 Weird things Lateness

The Duffer Brothers are busy preparing for the fifth and final season of… Weird things. We’re talking about the grand finale to the hit series, though several spin-offs have already been announced. However, the main show will really end after this fifth season.

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Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer for this. Because it is also a conclusion Weird things because of the strikes. The Duffer Brothers made this known with the following tweet:

This is clear language of brothers. A fair agreement must and must be reached before everything returns to normal. Fortunately, there are also shows already in production. Both Amazon power ring Like HBOs Dragon house They are currently filming in the United Kingdom. So soon there will be a lot to see!

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