Merijn Dinka cruises from Oslo to London

Merry Dinka. (Photo: Marjolein Vinkenoog)

Plastic soup surfer Merijn Dinga will windsurf 1,800 kilometers from Oslo to London. With this he draws attention to a better deposit system in the United Kingdom and Europe. Dinka will face his biggest trip on Saturday, June 17. He expects this to take four weeks. He will be in London on July 19 as he has a meeting with British Environment Minister Rebecca Bowe in London.

Dinka started these types of operations nine years ago, but they were very small expeditions. For example, he kite-surfed a large area on a board he made himself from collected plastic waste. At that time, he did this mainly to create awareness among people about the problem of plastic. As the plastic problem cannot be solved with awareness alone, he now makes more of his journeys for concrete changes.

Now that he has started doing much bigger trips, he builds his boards with Ron van den Berg boards because his homemade boards are not good enough for such big trips.
Earlier, the dinga rowed a thousand kilometers along the Rhine and a kite from Belgium to Ameland. But of all his journeys, he expects the next one to be the toughest. Because this will be his longest journey.

Dinka continues these trips because she wants to achieve concrete changes to combat plastic pollution.
If you want to follow his journey, you can do so via Instagram @plasticsoupsurfer.

Noah Henderson talks to Plastic Soup Surfer Merijin Tinga about his surfing journey.


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