Michelle Obama teaches preschool kids on Netflix about healthy eating

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Michelle Obama

Especially for young children, Obama wears her apron to explain kitchen secrets. And she doesn’t do this alone, but with the characters of Weaver and Mocci. Obama made the show because she herself wanted something like this to exist when her daughters were young.

The main theme in the children’s show is good food. As a new brandThe effect of food ‘ She wants to teach kids what is good food, how to prepare it and of course the food itself. Michelle wants preschool children to discover new flavors and ingredients from around the world.

Family show

“The kids will love the series, but I’m sure there is enough for the parents to laugh as well and they’ll get some kitchen advice. It’s a perfect family show.”

Obama sees the making of Netflix as an extension of her work as First Lady. Until then she was already committed to educating children about health. Through this chain, she also wants to support different families with boxes full of ingredients, so that they can cook alongside the recipes on offer.

a series Weaver and Mochi He can be seen on Netflix starting March 16th.

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