Microsoft 365 Copilot creates PowerPoint presentations and Word documents in an instant

Should you make a presentation or write a script? Microsoft 365 Copilot is pleased to put you on the right track. All you need to do is turn on the artificial intelligence.

Microsoft is leading the artificial intelligence race again. The software giant announces new AI functions for the 365 ecosystem during an online event. Microsoft can once again rely on OpenAI technology, which launched GPT-4 earlier this week. It was the highlight of the show Advertising From Microsoft Copilot 365.

The focus of the ads is on how AI can make our jobs easier. Microsoft wants to dramatically change the way we work with the help of artificial intelligence. Copilot’s launch fits perfectly into that picture. Satya Nadella talks about a “perfect coexistence” between AI, Microsoft apps, and your private data.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot is, in concrete terms, a virtual assistant that will be added to the toolbar of Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and co. The possibilities this provides for automating routine tasks are endless. In a demo that unfortunately to Microsoft already before the start of the event had leakedIn this article, we see how quickly you can create a PowerPoint presentation with the help of Copilot.

Ready-made presentations

While creating a presentation, you can request a co-pilot by clicking on the co-pilot button. The magic happens when you type the @ sign. You will now get an overview of your recently edited documents. Select a document and have the co-pilot turn it into a PowerPoint presentation.

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In an instant you go from a blank template to a ready-made presentation, with layout and all. If you are satisfied, you can save the presentation and you are done. Of course you can also request some additional edits or photos.

Creating presentations has never been easier. Now an AI bot can give you a presentation, and you’ll never have to stress about a presentation again. Is the display digital? Then there may be no one in the meeting whom the invitees can order the co-pilot to follow.

The absent participants then receive a report summarizing the gist, with the opportunity to ask additional questions. Although at some point you may have to start worrying about whether AI can completely take over your job.

The book’s residence

The copilot can also be a useful co-pilot in other applications. Everyone faces writer’s block when editing a Word document. Now you can solve this by having your co-pilot prepare a draft that you can build on. Through the chat functions, you can add images or combine information from other files.

Source: Microsoft

Moreover, Copilot mainly automates tedious tasks. With the help of AI, you can clean up large Excel files and extract the most important trends. Based on this, you can ask follow-up questions to get more information about the data.

The co-pilot excels
Click animation (Source: Microsoft)

Finally, Copilot can also clean up your Outlook mailbox or summarize long email conversations. Based on email traffic, the assistant also helps you come up with an answer. The summary features of the video conferencing platform are also available with a Teams Premium subscription.

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It ended with a cliffhanger

Microsoft went out of its way to please viewers with Copilot, only to leave us hanging off a cliff. We haven’t heard specifics on when all this beauty will roll out to your Microsoft 365 suite. It remains to be seen if more AI also means paying more. If we blame Google for not communicating clearly enough about rolling out AI functionality to Workspace, Microsoft deserves the same anymore.

Like Google, Microsoft appears to be running with a limited test suite. In practice, we’ve seen such a beautiful presentation with pre-recorded demos that, just as with Google, paints a great picture of what’s possible, without telling us much about how and when.

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