Microsoft believes Sony will do well to offer first-party games directly through PlayStation Plus

In June, Sony launched its renewed PlayStation Plus, which the company naturally wants to compete with Xbox Game Pass. One of the biggest differences between the two services is that Microsoft offers first-party games directly via Game Pass, while Sony does not offer its own games via PlayStation Plus.

In the run-up to the release of the new PlayStation Plus, Sony has already clarified this option several times. Sony believes that the introduction of first-party games via PlayStation Plus on day one will eventually happen negative effect gaming quality. This is due to the fact that game sales will therefore generate less money and therefore the budget for developing new games will be lower, which means at the expense of quality of games.

Microsoft is clearly choosing a different strategy with Game Pass and believes Sony will do well to offer its first-party games via PlayStation Plus. this is turns up From the documents related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which was announced in Brazil. In the documentation, Microsoft discusses Sony’s strategy for PlayStation Plus and states that Sony will make the service more attractive by offering first-party games and that game quality will eventually improve.

“Sony could be able to take advantage of the higher quality of first-party games even more by making them available on PlayStation Plus on launch day. This strategy may be able to rapidly accelerate the growth of the service’s user base in response to the competitive pressure of Game Pass (or any other service) And the [the strategy] It is not endorsed by Sony, even when it comes to the new and updated PlayStation Plus. Such a move by Sony could make PlayStation Plus more attractive so that it can compete with the ultimate strategies of competing game publishers – for the benefit of gamers.”

So there are two opposing viewpoints, which makes for an interesting discussion. Sony itself isn’t the only party that thinks the current PlayStation Plus strategy is the right one. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, previously said:It doesn’t make senseTo deliver games straight from launch via subscription and call it PlayStation Plus Renew The right way To submit a subscription.

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The documents released in Brazil have already raised interesting views from Sony and Microsoft. For example, Sony says that so It will last for years So Game Pass has a solid competitor and that Call of Duty has an effect On the players selection for a particular console. Microsoft, in turn, claims that Sony pays the money The developers and publishers are not allowed to offer games through Game Pass.

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