The PE teacher defines students in Sports Club Education: “They do not find their way easily into the club” (Kasterlee)

Students learn not only cycling and walking, but also boxing, golf and even billiards. © rr


As a PE teacher in special education at 3master in Kasterlee, Rigo Vandijck tries to get as many students as possible into sports clubs. It reduces the step between students and sports by organizing initiatives, and successfully. “Cycling is the most popular sport, but we do boxing, golf and billiards as well.”

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“It is not easy for our special education guests to find their way into a sports club. The same goes for those clubs, they don’t always have a G-effect, but they often want to,” says Rego Vandyk.

He gives physical education to 3master students at Kasterlee between 13 and 21 years old. The teacher organizes initiatives to familiarize students as much as possible with sports clubs in the region.

“Through parents, students can register to participate in, for example, athletics, cyclocross, tennis and hockey, but also golf and billiards. Sports are very diverse. It seems that sports clubs either come to school or we go to it by car.” Vandijck has also organized start-ups in the past two years, and this year he can count already on seventy records.

While starting the volleyball, Rigo Vandyk, in the middle of the photo, said:

While starting the volleyball, Rego Vandyk, centered in the photo, said: “Some of our guests are also strong enough to start normal operations.” © rr

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“Last month we went to boxing, and a day later I got a message from a mom that she wanted to enroll her son. This is where we want to go. However, not every gym we work with has a G job, but they still want to commit to the possibility of starting G-function in the future. Some of our guests are also strong enough to start a regular run.”

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Cyclo-cross in particular seems to be popular. “With about thirty people signed up, this is a sport that really appeals to them. Walking and cycling are easily accessible, it shows. Every year a cyclocross for G athletes is held in Oostmalle, and we participate in that too.”

Rigo wants to shed more light on the initiatives. “So people know 3master is working on it, but more clubs in the area can also join. They regularly ask for more members,” he says.

More information on the Facebook page of 3master Campus Kasterlee

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