Microsoft claims to have made major progress in the field of quantum computers

Microsoft says it has made significant progress in developing a stable quantum computer. This brings the technology a step closer to practical application.

To be sure, this is not the first promise made in the field of quantum computers. The future vision of companies like Microsoft and Google is a quantum computer: a computer so powerful that our current supercomputers resemble only limited machines.

Right now, you can think of a quantum computer like an unguided missile: very powerful, but in all directions. It's basically a matter of examining and controlling it, so that it goes in a straight line towards its goal: a useful answer. So far, this has proven to be quite a challenge, which is why companies like Microsoft are thrilled when it turns out they can get this closer to a commercial release. Ultimately, the thing has to make money.

Cooperation with the manufacturer

By working with Quantitya manufacturer of quantum computers, are the two companies He succeeded To improve qubit performance. A qubit can be compared to a bit, i.e. 1 or 0. Instead of two possible states (on or off), a qubit has the property of having a value in between, which suddenly creates many possibilities for calculations. . What's wrong? It is not stable. Now it seems that scientists are close to a stable version.

Noise-cancelling qubits

in interview Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft CEO Christa Spohr said the company needs reliable quantum computers, “not just in theory, but also clearly in practice.” Svor compares the challenge to wearing noise-canceling headphones, but it applies to qubits. In other words, you still hear noise every now and then, but ultimately the goal is just to hear music.

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It is still far from the ultimate goal

Other quantum experts have now joined the discussion, including Henry Yuen, an associate professor of computer science at Columbia University. “We are still far from the final destination, but signposts are becoming more frequent and indicate that some important milestones are coming soon,” Yuen says. “I am confident that bigger and better demonstrations of Quantum Fault Tolerance are coming soon.”

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