Microsoft is building a Bing chatbot in Windows 11

The new AI-powered version of Microsoft’s search engine seems to be rolling out at a fast pace. AI is already coming to the Windows 11 taskbar with the next update.

Microsoft bases its Bing search engine on ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence that was first released to the general public at the end of last year. By working quickly with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, on its own version of a Bing bot that you can ask questions in natural language, Microsoft was able to speed up major competitor Google. Now it looks like the tech giant is quickly rolling out its new chatbot on various platforms.

Like there: Windows 11. The renewed Bing should be introduced into the operating system with the next update. Currently, you can actually use Bing AI on a browser if you are enrolled in Preview. And there is a waiting list. The update will give all users quick access to the chatbot right in the toolbar. Entering your question there and clicking on the “Bing” icon will take you to the Edge browser where you can interact with the chatbot. The chatbot also launched last week in Microsoft’s smartphone apps.

ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence was launched late last year and immediately generated a lot of hype, but also criticism. The chatbot answers questions in a more “natural” way and can, for example, write entire scripts. But sometimes he makes up the “facts”. Generative AI like this chatbot is the new major battlefield for tech giants, including Google and Meta who want to commercialize their own language algorithm.

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