WhatsApp will soon be available in third-party chats

WhatsApp is making a change in response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The chat service will soon be available in third-party chats.

We got one earlier this year Glance They can be seen from the “Third Party Chats” section of WhatsApp. Users who enable this feature will receive messages from other platforms in a new section in their inbox. WhatsApp will announce more details about its plans next month. The DMA stipulates that this must be accompanied by the necessary security measures regarding end-to-end encrypted messages, which is already the case with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp opens its application to third parties

WhatsApp is making changes under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The European Commission has appointed six gatekeepers responsible for so-called core platform services. WhatsApp and Messenger are currently on the list under messaging platforms.

To comply with DMA rules, WhatsApp is making changes to interoperability between other messaging platforms. This includes text messages, photos, voice messages, videos, and files sent from Person A to Person B. With this change, users will be able to send messages to contacts on WhatsApp via third-party applications such as iMessage and Google Messages.

Interoperability versus security

The biggest challenge in shifting to interoperability is security. Concerns are being raised about how Meta keeps its messages secure and encrypted when integrated into other services.

WhatsApp wants the messaging services it will work with to use the same Signal protocol to encrypt messages. The Meta will also be open to apps that use alternative encryption protocols, as long as they can prove they meet WhatsApp’s security standards.

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The deadline for compliance with the rules within the DMA is set for March 6. Tech giants are currently busy implementing various changes to comply with the DMA. For example, Google and Meta recently gave their users the option to cut off services from each other.

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