More than 100 dead cats were discovered in the “House of Horrors” near Cannes outside

An investigation by an organization dedicated to the protection of animals has led to a horrific discovery in a house near the coastal city of Cannes in southern France. The bodies of at least 117 cats were found in the freezer and in the garden. The house itself also contains 38 live animals. They seem neglected and sick.

It was the Association of Researchers for the Protection of Animals (AEPA) that sounded the alarm in La Roquette-sur-Cigny, a town of about 5,000 people located 10 kilometers from the center of Cannes.

The company’s president, Nathalie Basso, told the France Bleu regional network: “A neighbor called us because of an unpleasant smell of ammonia and dirt emanating from the house.” “We monitored the house day and night and noticed some severely damaged cats walking around outside.”


Animal control raided the house yesterday and found 117 cat corpses: 67 of them were in the freezer and 50 were buried outside in the garden. AEPA talks about a “house of horrors.” The 38 live cats include 26 adults and 12 kittens. One of the animals was pregnant.

It turned out that there had been problems with the owner before. “This house is well known,” Basu said. “Interventions have already taken place in 2019 and 2021. In 2019, animal protection seized 58 sick cats.”

© RV/Association Enquêteurs Protection Animale

The police arrested the owner of the house, a man in his sixties, and he will have to appear in court. The Public Prosecution in Grasse opened an investigation. According to the Alpes-Maritimes department, this man is mentally weak.

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Public broadcaster France 3 reported that the man kept a log and named the cats after his “loved ones.” He also did not understand what was wrong and said that he gave the animals “eternal life.”


The Association Enquêteurs Protective Animale (AEPA) is now raising money online to care for and sterilize the surviving cats for adoption.

RV/Animal Researchers Association
© RV/Association Enquêteurs Protection Animale

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