Microsoft is testing extension capabilities in the Windows 11 subsystem for Android

Microsoft is currently testing some new features among all Windows 11 beta testers using the Android subsystem through the Insider Program. Version 2203.40000.1.0 Among other things, it should improve Android gaming performance and better video decoding performance using the H.264 standard.

Starting with the latter, applications that use the H.264 decoding standard for videos should now be able to do so faster and more reliably. Applications that play high-quality video will benefit particularly from the update.

Additionally, the Windows 11 subsystem for Android has been turned on to enable anti-aliasing in games by default; Users have not been able to disable this, which may cause some less advanced smartphones to struggle with gaming. This has now been corrected. Anti-aliasing makes the edges of images and objects look less “rough” by blending the pixels on the edges of objects with the pixels next to them. For example, the edges look smoother. This requires some additional computing power.

Finally, with version 2203.40000.1.0, Microsoft is making some changes to how Subsystem for Android works with networks and emails. The former is an addition that the company says will help with new features later. Microsoft doesn’t say exactly what it takes to improve the integration of email clients.


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