VAF launches online search platform for Flemish films

to The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) is launching an online research platform that helps users around the world find out how to legally watch Flemish films on streaming platforms, in a nearby cinema or at a film festival.

This tool answers questions about the availability of Flemish feature films and documentaries that you receive regularly from expats, representation abroad, Dutch language and literature courses or film lovers. is a search engine, not a streaming platform.

If the address is available in a country or region, the user on gets the various legal display options in an easy overview. For more information, the user is referred to the provider: platform, cinema or festival.

After the launch of, Flanders Image, VAF’s Communication and Promotion division, provided an overview of Flemish films currently available in the largest number of countries and regions worldwide.

In terms of imagination, it tops the top ten Northsea Texas By Bavo Defurne (watched in 169 countries and regions), followed by tropical ghost by Bass DeVos, Jump by Dominique Standaert, Phrase by Cecilia Verheiden, What do men want? From Philip Peters unhappiness of things By Felix van Groningen Belgium By Felix van Groningen girl by Lukas Dhont, fly back By Dominique Deruddere and Le Fidel by Michael R. Roskam.

In the documentary desert fog By Sofie Benoot in the foreground (can be seen in 175 countries and regions), followed by a little paradise From Lieven Corthouts, The roots of my Ras Tavari by David Verhaeghe, On the road by Robert van Gulik from Rob Robot, Kakodji countryside Written by Quinn Vidal and Eb Daniels, The’s gone boy by Christoph Boone, chameleon color by Andrés Lübbert, play condition Written by Stephen Dowdt, Grand Travox by Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes and finally rain Written by Olivia Rochet and Gerard Jean Claes.

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Close family by Matthias Timmermans tops the list of the most popular Flemish family films worldwide (watched in 81 countries and territories via Netflix). In terms of live action, the top three are completed Binty by Frederic Megum and Cloud Boy by McMinn Klinkspur. For animation, the first three consist of corgi queen Written by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kistlott, magic house Written by Jeremy DeGrosson, Ben Stassen and Robinson Crusoe by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kistlott.

Outside of Belgium, the largest number of Flemish titles available online is in the Netherlands (169 films total), followed by Luxembourg, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Poland and Germany.

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