Microsoft offers Arm OneDrive version to Apple M1 and Windows

It was already announced during Ignite and is already visible in some preview builds: Arm version of OneDrive for macOS and Windows.

Microsoft already announced during Ignite 2021 that it was working on an Arm version of OneDrive for Windows and macOS. The company has now released more details about the Arm version in the preview channel. In that preview the version appears That Microsoft is already enabling users, if necessary, to switch to the Apple Silicon or ARM64 version.

Both the ARM version for Windows and the Silicon version for macOS will be released in early December. This is still about the preview version which you as a user must explicitly give permission in the app’s preferences. Regular users will not receive the update until the end of January – mid February 2022.

The advantage of this new version is that the cloud client will require less power than your laptop or PC. This is a good thing. In addition, OneDrive will perform much better.

OneDrive and KFM

Microsoft seems to be investing well in its OneDrive app. For example, the tech giant will soon also allow the use of the cloud service Known folder move Or to support KFM from macOS. This ensures that you can sync folders such as your desktop, documents, photos, or downloads in the cloud.

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